Our mission

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear partners and customers!

Azerbaijan AqriBioEkoTex Enterprise produces the products of biotechnology such as BIOHUMUS, BIOMAX, FERMENTSTART, BACTOVIT, BIOBITPEST, TRICHO-GUARD, NITRO-FIX, BGS 1008-6, BIORG which are important ones for our region and world wide for the time being. Ecological means and technologies of our enterprise, and biologically clean integrated products are the most important points for all of us.
AqriBioEkoTex is the first enterprise in Azerbaijan , which performs biotechnological production on a custom level. The technology of clean fertile soil, was applied for the first time in the practice of growing in production quantities. This technology not only makes the growing of ecologically clean and safe, but provides delivery of best quality products to the market in more quantity than standart simple growing.
Nowadays our Enterprise has commercialized a process of vermicomposting –production of BIOHUMUS using red Californian worms and also fermentation of all types of animal manures and sawage sludges by special microbiology preparations.
We have had long experience in the market since 1987. Our “AGRO” Enterprise has shown itself as a safe partner and is remarkable for the high skill level of its specialists. In 2004 “AGRO” began selling of perspective ecologically clean agro-technologies.
Aim level and potentialities of realization of the strategic plans of developing determined the priorities for our group of specialists. AqriBioEkoTex Enterprise was established at the beginning of 2005. AqriBioEkoTex is ready to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and considers all the proposals relating to further developing of the business.
AqriBioEkoTex is the first step towards creation of powerful multitype biotechnological corporation producing all range of biologically active products and bioproduction.
AqriBioEkoTex’s Mission is:
– to become the best agricultural enterprise of Azerbaijan in the field of producing and growing of the products using ecologically clean way and products guaranteeing this;
– to provide development of modern biotechnology;
– to take care of manpower and clients.
AqriBioEkoTex’s projects is one of the striking examples of how domestic enterprises can effectively develop with the state support and favorable investment climate in modern conditions of Azerbaijan and world wide. Ecologically clean domestic technologies of world level quality entered the market. AqriBioEkoTex is a united team, which every minute of its existence thinks about you and your requests, and offer you high quality products at the reasonable price. I hope if you apply to us, we will be able to answer any of your questions and help to solve the yours agricultural problems for increasing the crop capacity of all farming standards.

Alibala Ali-zade
Director General