BGS 1008-6


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About BGS 1008-6

BGS 1008-6 is a microbiological product, specially designed for use in equipment for biogas production. The configuration of the microorganisms inside BGS 1008-6 provides the benefit of rapid acceleration of the BIOLOGICAL GAS and in the end – organic fertilizer.

BGS 1008-6 is a biologically active product that contains the complex of beneficial special symbiotic microorganisms.

The application of the product improves and increases the productivity of biogas up to 15%. Thus, BGS 1008-6 is a preparation that makes it possible to obtain more of biogas (up to 15%) or decreases the use of raw materials to produce it. At the end of the process, we get a quality fermented organic fertilizer which can be added to the agricultural fields.

pH=6.5 ±0.5            CFU/1ml min.: 1×109


Benefits in comparison with the traditional known process:
– more biogas;
– less raw materials for biogas production;
– get a quality ecologycally clean fermented organic fertilizer;
– economy and ecologycal process.

The product is not toxic for humans, animals, bugs, bees, plants and etc.. Has no side effects.
No restrictions for use.

Presentation: Liquid.
Color: dark amber, beige, brown
Smell: Fermented pickle smell

Directions of use

The first 10 days: every day add 8 liters of BGS 1008-6 per 1000 cubic/m. of volume.
The rest of the period: add 6 liters of BGS 1008-6 per 1000 cubic/m. of volume.

  • Wear a medical mask and goggles when using. In case of contact, rinse with water.
  • Do not freeze the drug.
  • BGS 1008-6 has a natural sediment. Shake before use.
  • Do not mix with chemical drugs.
  • Do not use more than specified in the instructions.


Special symbiotic microorganisms, sugar and non-chlorinated water.

Storage conditions

Keep 12 month in dark and dry place in +10oC – +15oC.

See production date on the packaging.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)

Approve and Certifications


  • 1L. plastic bottle
  • 10L. polyethylene can
  • 20L. polyethylene can

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