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About Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS

Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS – It is humus organic manure, main product cultivation of dung and it composts prepared from cow, or chicken, or horse manures or mixing all this manures with using our bio product Fermentstart (special symbiotic microorganisms). As result of biological process happening with Fermentstart nutrient dissoluble substance inaccessible for plants changes into soluble accessible for plants condition.
Besides that, biohumus, bringing in soil gives it more granulate structure which helps to keep nutrient soluble substance in immediate proximity to root system. Stated structure of soil retains nutrient substance from washing away in lower stratums of ground. Owing to this big part of nutrient substance is used property and it is less necessary than dung or mould.


Components Quantity
Color Dark brown
Smell Absent
PH-solution 6,8-7,0
Total nitrogen (N) 1,8-2,0%
Total Phosphorus (P2O5) 1,5-1,7%
Potassium (K2O) 1,8-2,1%
C/N 18-19
Calcium (Ca) 4,5%
Kadmium (Cd) 0,4 mg/kg
Nickel (Ni) 8,0 mg/kg
Plumbum (Pb) 4,3 mg/kg
Magnesium (Mg) 0,6%
Iron (Fe) 0,34%
Copper (Cu) 7,5 mg/kg
Manganese (Mn) 58 mg/kg
Zink (Zn) 20,0 mg/kg
Chrom (Cr) 50 (ppm)
Moisture 40-50%
Dry organically substance (by content it close to soil’s humus) 60%
Mikroflora  (CFU in 1ml) 2,4 x 106
Stannum (Sn) 1,1 (ppm) mg/kg
E. koli in 1 qr Not found
Colibacillus Not found
Salmonella 50 qr Not found
Sibir ulcer Not found
Gross humin+fulvo 15%

Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS operation is based on two main connecting effects:

–  Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS gives balance correlation to microelement, fast development of root system and initial stage of growth.

–  Micro flora situated in Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS decomposes original components and it makes easy dissimilate substance of root system and it extends effective action of manure from all period of vegetation.

The main quality of Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS consists of content of Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS which is better thon dung in 10-15 times. Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS doesn’t only substitute dung. It also has big water capacity, perceptibility to water, mechanical durability, granulation (granules have very high durability), a lot of useful microorganisms, different ferments, soil antibiotics, vitamins, hormones of growth.

It is important that Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS quantity of nitrates decreases in 8-10 times, increase productivity and improves firmness to diseases and to pests (immunity improves), taste of vegetables and fruits is mode better, increase terms of keeping.

The reason of decreasing nitrates quantity is because of useful soil-formed micro-organism is increased, which is connected with surplus moving nitrates. That’s why it supports entrance of nitrogen on nature level.


Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS can be used for all types of plants: vegetables, vine growing, potato, fruit production, decorative bushes, flowers and  roses production, strawberry, lawns, meadow grass and etc.

Note:  The combined use of Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUSBIOMAX and BACTOVIT (liquid stimulant and improver for soils and plants) gives the best results in quality and quantity of cultivated crops / plants. Gain up to 50%.

Nitrates content table (mg/kg)

Products Grown by chemical fertilizers Grown by manure Grown by Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS
Cucumbers          273                 70         5
Tomato           83                 37         8
Cabbage          280                140       128
Onion          120                 60        36
Pepper           75                 38        10
Carrot          480                111        37

Repeat soil cultivation

Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMUS use in the repeat soil cultivation reduces significantly time for soil productivity restoration;

This is specially effective for very polluted and exhausted soils, in the acidic and sandy soils areas.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
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  • 25 kg. polypropylene bag
  • 35 kg. polyethylenebag
  • 1000 kg. sale in bulk

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