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About Carbiocal-P

Carbiocal-P is a colorless liquid that sustainably strengthens plant growth by applying it to the leaves during the growing season. It’s a “microbial activator“ which acts as a folier fertilizer and promotes the absorption of evaporating water and the processing of micro-nutrients in the air. Carbiocal-P acts directly in the plant metabolism through the leaves.

The microorganisms living on the plant (both on the leaves and the stem) are activated by spraying of Carbiocal-P; just like the soil organisms, they become active and immediately convert the fine dust deposited on the leaves, as well as the micronutrients into nutrient solution which is easily absorbed by the leaves.  The same happens with the fine particles in the air, which are then absorbed by the plant through the leaves and brou-ght into the metabolic cycle. As they are very fine, they can immediately penetrate the cells, be absorbed by the cell water and thus immediately contribute to cell growth, cell stabilization and harmonious development of the plant.

As they are absorbed by the leaves in the same way as rain water, the air and the light and so, as a unit of plant nutrition – light, air and water plus micronutrients – atmospheric nitrogen in the evaporation water, trace elements, magnesium, selenium, boron and many others – are transported through the supply capillaries  to every part of the plant, similar to the blood vessels of humans.


Key Benefits:

– Plant growth,

– High profitability

– More energy content,

– Increase in stalk stability,

– Boosting the immune system,

– Fewer diseases,

– Less pest infestation,

– Increase of root growth,

– Less subjected to surface runoff, microbial immobilization, volatilization and denitrification,

– Quick recovery from N deficiency in dry farming areas where soil moisture is a constraint,

– Corrective nutrition,

– Compensates nutrients deficiency,

– Growth boosting,

– Rapid results,

– Activate particular plant mechanisms,

– Prolonged blooming,

– Improved plant health,

– Increased crop yields,

– Reduced growth stress,

– Growth during dry spells,

– Better cold and heat tolerance,

– Improved resistance to disease,

– Raises plants resistance to disease, heat and frost damage.


Composition: Energized Calcium Carbonate (with specific information), natural water.

Directions of use

5 liters of Carbiocal-P to be mixed with 500 liters of water for 1 Hectare of agriculture land. Spray Carbiocal-P on the leaves in each growing season in prescribed dilution.


  • When spraying, do not exceed the device pressure of 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi).
  • Finish using the solution within 8 hours after mixing with water.
  • In case of contact, rinse with water.
  • Do not freeze the drug.
  • Carbiocal-L has natural sediment. Shake before use.

• Do not mix with chemicals.


Store 2 years in a dry, out of direct sunlight place at a temperature of + 5 to + 30 °C.

– Mixing with water: max. 8 hours when stored in a dark room at 20-30 °C.


  • 5 L. (flexitank),
  • 10 L. (flexitank),
  • 20 L. (flexitank),
  • 125 L. (flexitank),
  • 21000 L. (flexitank)

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