FeRRO 6%


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About FeRRO 6%

FeRRO 6%: special chelate formula of hydroxyethylenediphosphonic acid (HEDP) and iron (Fe) frtilizer designed for all kind of plants. This product is new typ HEDP. It’s much better than most iron compound such as traditional Fe oxide, sulfate and etc. It is easier for absorbing than EDTA-Fe and EDDHA-Fe. The HEDP-Fe is good for environment protecting and operate in the range of pH 4.5-11.0.

Directions of use

ROOTS APPLICATION (fertigation, hydroponic):

– Trees (per each): – Vineyard: 15-30 ml, – Fruits sapling: 15-30 ml, Fruit new start: 60-80 ml, Fruit crop trees (normal yield): 80-100 ml, Fruit crop trees (high yield): 100-150 ml,

– Citrus (little tree): 50-100 ml, citrus (large tree): 150-200 ml.

– Ornamental plants: 500-700 ml per 1000 sq/m.

– Perennial and perennial flowers: 500-1000 ml per 1000 sq/m.

– Strawberry, Raspberry: 500-1000 ml per 1000 sq/m.

– Vegetables: 300-500 ml per 1000 sq/m.

– Farm plants: 300-500 ml per 1000 sq/m

FOLIAR SPRAYING APPLICATION: divide the above doses into 3 and apply.


Product does not pollute the environment.

Effective at pH of solution 4.5-11.0.

Not dangerous for soil and other bacteria.

It does not violate the ecosystem, but supports it.

The product is 100% soluble in water.

It does not contain chlorine.

Non toxic organic product.

Do not spoil the dishes.


Iron (Fe) 6%, water, HEDP acid (C2H2O7P2)

pH=6.0 ±0.5

Manufacturer’s advices

Dilute the product is with non-chlorinated water.

After mixing use within 6 hours.

Overdosing is not dangerous.

In case of contact with eyes, mouth, nose, hands rinse thoroughly with water.


When spraying, do not exceed a pressure of 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi).

Finish using the solution within 6 hours after mixing with water.

Wear a mask and goggles when using.

Do not freezing.

FeRRO 6% has a natural sediment. Shake before use.


Store for 12 months at  +5 – +25 С0. Keep in a dark and dry place.

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